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Degree Show

With the idea behind me of sharing my experiences of exploring the Scottish landscape I created a set of mugs and two different styles of coffee sets using the technique of mold making and slip casting.

Climbers Mugs


The shapes of these mugs were inspired by indoor rock climbing holds and the imagery painted on the surface was taken from my travels around the coast of Scotland.


For me, traveling around Scotland was not just about gazing upon the beautiful landscape but jumping into it, exploring all the little nooks and crannies and touching the surfaces.


I wanted to incorporate this notion of touch into my work and so I made objects that would be readily used and handled day to day in the home that would encourage exploration through touch.

Dimpled coffee set


These pieces, in comparison to the "Climbers mugs," have a more traditional and simple shape which was easily adapted by pinching to incorporate the sense of touch and exploration.


Each element of the set is the same shape only adapted; the Coffee pot is two cups stuck together, one on top of the other, the top one upside down.  The spoons were made from the same mould as the handles.  And the sugar bowl and jug are made from the same mould as the cup.

Fractured Coffee Set


The textures and shapes of this coffee set were inspired by the movement and erosion of the land, and the contrasting textures found in the landscape; from rough rock to smooth water.


The blank figures seen within the images on both coffee sets were placed to encourage the viewer/user to place themselves within the image.  When explored closely you may see the figures transform from one object to another from people into birds.  This is representative of the story behind the Blue Willow Pattern.

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