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*Commissions are currently unavailable

Have you got an idea for a unique piece of Pottery to mark a special occasion?  I love new challenges so why not pitch your idea to me and we can discuss what's possible with the materials and equipment I use. Below are some examples of past pieces which were commissioned for a specific use or occasion.

 Large commissions for restaurants and cafes are now available, I am happy to work with you to create new designs to add an extra level of thought to your unique business.

Eleanor told me all about her husbands favourite mug which featured a sculpted mouse on the handle and how she had accidentally dropped it! So I made a replacement which he claims is "even better than the original."


Bespoke plates for the Northern Lights Lounge at Aberdeen airport

Donna has her own online speciality tea shop where she also sells traditional Gaiwans for enjoying Japanese tea.  She asked me to create some Hand Made Gaiwan sets to accompany her growing collection.

Click                       to view Donna's collection of Japanese teas and Gaiwans

Memory Mugs


Malcolm wanted a unique set of matching mugs specific for serving coffee when entertaining guests.  He brought to me objects of meaning from his home for inspiration.  Some of these objects were highly textured so I used them to make decorative impressions on the bodies of the mugs.  Malcolm tells me his guests loved the tactile feel and the hidden meaning behind each mug.

Kathleen worked with me to create a personalised leaving gift for a colleague at work.  The years of handing over eggs from Kath's chickens formed the inspiration for this piece.  Featured on this bowl are sketches of Kath's chickens Rita and Paprika. 

This piece was a family commission for relatives in Zimbabwe who love the link they share with Scotland.  I created this elegant wee bud vase that would be easily sent in the post and features my "Dancing Thistles" design.

Katelyn's Granny loves a good brew but it needs to be made in a teapot!

As she does not always entertain guests this tea for one design was perfect for her.

Sinead and Colm wanted a unique tea set which would be used as part of their humanist wedding ceremony.  Sinead picked barley from her late Grandfather's field for me to use within the design.

"The teapot and mugs were very special to have for our wedding. We loved the shape of them and the fact you were able to pressed the barley from Grandad's field into the clay made them all the more personal"

In addition to the original commission Sinead commissioned a matching beer stein as a surprise for Colm's Christmas

Helen wanted a gift for her mother's new home which would have a strong link to her love of Scotland.

This was a fantastic commission for me as I had never made a lamp base before which required specific sizes to allow for the wiring and fittings.

Helen then chose her own lamp shade to match

Contact me now to discuss your ideas for a personalised piece of pottery

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