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Wonky Ware

The original idea for "Wonky Ware" was the "Tantrum Teapots" which then expanded into all aspects of a tea set.


This is a very simple idea which came to me as I began to master the art of throwing on the potter's wheel.


When learning how to make new shapes, the clay would often do the opposite of what I wanted it to do! I described this as the clay "throwing a tantrum" which I feel is a very appropriate term!  But through these mistakes I began to see wondrous beauty and potential.


As I began to gain more and more control over the clay I was able to push shapes to the point of almost collapsing. Capturing these fluid forms and making them solid. 


I chose teapots for this idea as they are a very complex piece of traditional pottery to create, the many aspects gave me more room to play with the shapes.

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