"a cup o' kindness"

The inspiration for these beautiful, limited edition cups came during the Covid19 lockdown where I found myself dreaming of catching up with friends and family over coffee (or gin!) and visiting my favourite countryside destinations. And all the while, through all the hardship the whole world has felt, so many people have shown kindness beyond belief to family and strangers alike.  

With lyrics from the traditional Scottish song, Auld Lang Syne and connotations of deep and calm seas I have created my cups of Kindness with £10 per goblet going to one of my favourite local charities, Willows Animal Sanctuary.

A maximum of 100 of the 2021 goblets will be made and each will be numbered on the base #/100. This project has the potential to raise a further £1,000 for Willows!  Scroll down to see the development pieces that lead me to this new design. 

2020 design- sold out
With 50 final design pieces and 6 development pieces sold, these mugs raised a total of £560 for Willows Animal Sanctuary.